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SVA Certified Public Accountants' Dental Webinar Series

At SVA Dental Services, our consultants have the expertise that comes with years of experience in the industry. We will help you make fact-based decisions about your dental practice. To help you along in that effort, we're offering a year long series of webinars. Click the links below to learn more and sign up!

Upcoming Webinars: 

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Recorded Webinars:

Get Ready for a Buy, Sell, or Owner Transition Scenario

A transition in your practice requires a lot of planning. Whether you are buying a new practice, selling an existing practice, or transitioning owners in or out of the practice, you need to plan ahead to achieve the best results. SVA’s team discussed key considerations for this important stage in the life of your practice.

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Current Trends for Dental Practices

How your peers are handling current trends can provide you great insights into ways for you to adjust for the current economic climate. Our team discussed trends and considerations for your practice as you wrap up 2022 and look forward to next year.

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Implementing and Monitoring Dental Membership Plans

Dental membership plans provide an alternative to dental insurance and address the primary barrier to increasing new patient flow and practice growth. A membership plan can provide you with predictable recurring revenue. Learn how offering a plan can help your patients and your practice.

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Provider Relief Funding Reporting Requirements

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has reporting requirements for the Provider Relief Fund (PRF) program that many dental offices received. There are deadlines for use of the funds as well as reporting deadlines. You will want to make sure you report correctly to ensure you are in compliance with the reporting rules.

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Year-End Tax Planning 2021: What's New and What You Need to Plan For

As we look to the end of another year, it’s time to review your tax planning. Understanding all the stimulus packages and legislation already in place, combined with potential new legislation coming from Washington D.C., makes this the right time to get your tax planning in place. Our tax experts provided the most up-to-date information to help guide you through the 2021 tax planning process and help you look forward to 2022.

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Employee Retention Credit, PPP Loan Forgiveness, and More

The Employee Retention Tax Credit is a valuable tax break and eligible employers can claim the refundable credit against applicable employment taxes equal to 70% of the qualified wages it pays. Don’t miss out on your share of this valuable tax credit.

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Myths and Facts About Health Insurance for Your Practice

Obamacare, Affordable Care Act, Trump tax cuts... All companies must offer health insurance, none have to. What’s going on with health insurance! Our panel of experts helped debunk the myths and gave you simple facts you needed to know about health insurance.

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What You Need to Know About Year-End Tax Planning in a COVID-19 and Presidential Election Year

Tax planning is an important process every year. But this is certainly not a typical year. With COVID-19 impacting practices all year, stimulus packages, and the presidential election, there is much more to consider in your planning scenarios. Our tax experts provided the most up-to-date information to help guide you through the 2020 tax planning process, and as you look forward to 2021.

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You Got the Funding – Now How Do You Report On It?

Dental practices had a variety of funding options available to them this year related to the pandemic’s impact. In this webinar, we discussed reporting requirements for loan forgiveness, funding tracking, tax reporting requirements and questions on 2020 funding scenarios.

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Your Dental Practice During and After COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the dental industry. As we navigate the uncertainty, we know that we will eventually be back to business as usual, or at least what our new normal may look like.

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10 Ways to Improve Profitability and Drive Growth in Your Dental Practice

Profitability is the critical success factor for every practice. Productivity is important, but profitability is the true measure of your practice’s financial health. Implementing and aligning strategies to measure profitability and growth in your practice doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Clarifying the Rules on Sales and Use Tax

Understanding what is taxable can be complicated. Do you know when you need to collect and pay sales and use tax? It is not as straightforward as you might think. Some dental products and services are taxable and some are not. Make sure you understand the difference so you don’t pay too much or too little sales tax.

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Hidden Tax Opportunities for Dental Professionals

As a successful dentist, you’ll certainly pay your share of taxes but without a good understanding of tax benefit strategies, you may be paying too much! Navigating the nuances of tax reform can be time consuming. In this webinar, we covered some tax saving tips for dental practices to help determine if you’re maximizing the options available to you.

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Top 5 Things You Need to Know as a New Dental Practice Owner

Is owning a dental practice in your future? You’re passionate about your career and now you are ready to create a thriving and successful practice. Choosing the right entity to create a sound financial framework and minimize taxes is the first step. This webinar covered a few of the things you need to know to get started on the right path.

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Looking to Purchase a Dental Practice?

When you purchase an existing dental practice, you adopt the staff, the client base and a reputation in the community. It’s an exciting time in your career. Start the process early, as there are many considerations to ensure you achieve your financial goals and objectives. 

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Looking to Transition Out of Your Dental Practice?

Whether you are reaching the point of retirement or are transitioning to another stage in your career, planning and preparation will help with a smooth transition of your dental practice. From valuation to contract terms, there are many considerations to ensure you achieve your financial goals and objectives.

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Employee Incentive Plans and Bonus Structures

Bonus plans can be an effective way to incentivize staff to help your practice meet their goals.  The bonus structure must be attainable and flexible enough to keep the bonus motivating for employees. Know what your goals are, and the financial impact, before you set a plan in motion.

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What is My Practice Worth? Valuations as Value Drivers Before a Transition

Each dental practice is unique and has many differentiating factors to consider when determining the true value.  Knowing the value of your practice, how that value was arrived at, and how to maximize that value are important value drivers for owners of dental practices. Arriving at a value for your dental practice is an integral part of your succession and retirement planning. Get a valuation in time to make changes that could impact your sale price.

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